17th Hole

17th Hole Hole #17 Par 4 316m 17th Hole A straight and wide hole. Is narrowed from the tee with a large pine in the middle of the fairway. Hit to the left of the pine and you have a … Read More

15th Hole

15th Hole Hole #15 Par 4 405m 15th Hole A very long, tight and challenging par 4. With fairway bunkers down the left and some on the right, you can not afford to spray a shot in either direction. A … Read More

14th Hole

14th Hole Hole #14 Par 4 337m 14th Hole Very tight hole off the tee makes for a tricky shot. Second shot is not much easier. With three large bunkers surrounding the left side of the green you will want … Read More

12th Hole

12th Hole Hole #12 Par 4 261m 12th Hole Similar shape as the 10th, the 12th plays fairly flat but also very tight off the tee. Nice-sized green behind a large bunker makes for an interesting approach shot. Looking to … Read More

11th Hole

11th Hole Hole #11 Par 4 250m 11th Hole Again a short par 4, but the up hill climb makes things interesting. Place a shot down the left side and you could end up on the 10th fairway. Nice, easy … Read More

10th Hole

10th Hole Hole #10 Par 4 270m 10th Hole Not a long hole, but fairly tight bending right to left. A shot down the left hand side tree line should put you in the middle. Green surrounded by bunkers makes … Read More

9th Hole

9th Hole Hole #9 Par 4 384m 9th Hole A straight hole, but very long, you will be happy with a par or bogey on this one. Without seeing the green from the tee, you will want to direct your … Read More

8th Hole

8th Hole Hole #8 Par 4 246m 8th Hole The 8th provides a good opportunity of low scores for your big hitters and just general low scores all round. A soft dog leg left, a good drive can put you … Read More

7th Hole

7th Hole Hole #7 Par 4 317m 7th Hole A slight dog-leg left, this hole once again is slightly longer than it looks. With an uphill climb and two bunkers blocking the green from the right side, you will need … Read More

6th Hole

6th Hole Hole #6 Par 4 327m 6th Hole On first glance the sixth, which bends slightly left to right, would suit most golfers with a fade, be careful though too much and you will end up in thick trees. … Read More