16th Hole

16th Hole Hole #16 Par 3 170m 16th Hole Similar to the 13th, this again is a tricky par 3. Not only do you have to deal with the gully and the length, you also have to deal with two … Read More

13th Hole

13th Hole Hole #13 Par 3 147m 13th Hole Probably the hardest par 3 on the whole course with some distance to carry you don’t want to fall short in the gully or else you will still have some work … Read More

5th Hole

5th Hole Hole #5 Par 3 138m 5th Hole A short slightly down hill par 3, is quite a contrast to the previous hole. Don’t be too complacent though, as it is a tricky green to hold. For a low … Read More