9th Hole: Par 4, 384m


A straight hole, but very long, you will be happy with a par or bogey on this one. Without seeing the green from the tee, you will want to direct your drive over the left side of the fairway. You will still have a long second shot ahead of you, and holding this green isn’t [...]

8th Hole: Par 4, 246m


The 8th provides a good opportunity of low scores for your big hitters and just general low scores all round. A soft dog leg left, a good drive can put you on track for a good score. Don’t take it for granted though, it still consists of two bunkers and plenty of trees.

4th Hole: Par 5, 434m


Don’t let the distance fool you, this hole plays a lot longer being an up hill climb. Play your drive up the up the left side of the fairway to avoid being stuck behind the big pine. With the tricky rolling green, make sure your putt isn’t too strong, or you're back on the fairway.

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