Opening Information

Golf Australia has issued some advice regarding Golf opening for play in the Metropolitan area.
This advice is based on the provision that State Government Directions allow it and their target vaccination rate is met in Victoria. We are still awaiting advice that these conditions have been achieved.
We anticipate opening on Monday 27th September.
We will open our booking sheets tomorrow, Friday 24th in anticipation of this. Please be aware that bookings may be cancelled if golf is not allowed then.

Conditions of Play at Mt Martha
• Golf will only be played in pairs.
• A mask must be worn at all times in the proshop and while playing on the course. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the course. (medical exemptions may apply)
• You must sign in with a QR code before using the facility, including the practice area.
• You must produce evidence that all players live within a 15km range of the golf course. Drivers license will be checked at the door.
• One entrance only will be used. Please enter via the main front entrance.
• Play and go. Sorry but please do not hang around for a coffee with your mates.

Other conditions may apply and are subject to change.

Membership Information

Many of our members have expired memberships. You may find that when you try to access the members portal you may be unable to do so.
We have just under 100 tags that have expired in the past couple of months and we are sure that many of you will be looking to renew once we are back. To help ease congestion at the front desk and help make it easier on our front line staff, we would like to ask that you complete your application forms online via
If you are having trouble accessing the membership portal or accessing the form, please email Karen and she will contact you to assist in the process.
Application forms may take up to 3 days to process as we are still processing the credit notes as well.

You will be required to pay green fees until your application has been processed.

Booking Sheets

The booking sheets have been changed and only allows 2 players per time slot.
Permanent bookings for our usual groups MMGC, U3A, MMSGG etc have been removed. It will run like a Sunday timesheet.
As we are unsure of what is happening in the short term, the time sheets will open 4 days in advance only.
You may only book yourself and one other person.
Once restrictions and conditions lift further we will make changes to the booking sheets.
We ask that you book online where possible to free up the phone lines.
Please note, we will not accept email or FB messenger bookings.

We are excited to have golfers back on the course and look forward to seeing you very soon .